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Transformation Through Triathlon Fitness

I know how intimidating it can be to get started in triathlon fitness as a newbie. Extra Life Fitness is an online triathlon training company that provides complete triathlon fitness programs for newbies. Unlike most programs that are intense, restrictive in your diet, and often leave you burned out or injured, I have taken my personal experience as a beginner non-athlete leveling up to an elite world championship qualifier, and
developed a program that can help you cross your first finish line with simple strategies that pro coaches often overlook! 

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Hi, I’m Adam,

owner of Extra Life Fitness, an online triathlon training company that provides complete triathlon fitness programs for newbies. I have taken my personal experience as a beginner non-athlete leveling up to an elite world championship qualifier, and developed a program that can help you start your triathlon journey with simple strategies the pro coaches often overlook!

Learn more about me by watching my episode of IRONMAN: Quest for Kona (IRONMAN/NBC Sports, 2017)


You can achieve transformation through triathlon fitness in 3 simple steps:

1. Enroll now in the Extra Life TriFit Program that is right for you- a newbie ready
program that helps you take on the world of triathlon fitness.

2. Get step-by-step guidance from me to help incredible beginners like you with your workouts, mindset, and so much more.

3. Become the new you! Feel confident, be fit, and have a new appreciation for what you are actually capable of achieving.

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Transform Your Fitness, Transform Your Life!

I believe with the right guidance, becoming a triathlete doesn’t have to be so intense. You will start to set new goals and higher standards for your own health and fitness lifestyle that is sustainable and fun.

Imagine how you will feel when your friends and family are cheering you on as you cross your first finish line.

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Eric Beach Was Able to Find FASTER With Extra Life TriFit

Eric Beach: "Let me tell you a little story. I've trained for around 5-6 years in endurance sport and have never stayed healthy and injury free. After Ironman WI on 2018, I barley trained. Old injuries kept flaring up. But something happened. My good friend @adamhilltri started a training platform called @extralifetri and asked if I'd like to join him and a few others to go through his begginers course. I was on board immediately!

(My first run with) Extra Life's 12 week program, I ran an average pace of 11:45 at an aerobic Heart of 141. (After I) completed the 12 weeks and continued to apply the lessons I learned during them, my aerobic run average mile pace was a 9:37 at an HR of 143!!!

It took time, but I'm faster and free of pain... This is incredible and if you're willing to go slow to go fast, I promise you'll give yourself a shot at falling in love with a sport that hurt you in the past!"


Extra Life TriFit Beginner Triathlon Program


Over $1,000 Value! PRICE GOES UP SOON!

  • 12 Week Training Plan to Sprint Triathlon
  • 12 Week Training Plan to Olympic Triathlon
  • Weekly Video Instruction
  • Online Community
  • BONUS! Additional Videos and Resources
  • BONUS! Weekly Race Prep Series
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Want to Learn More About What's Included?

Here’s Everything You’re Getting in the TriFit Beginner Program


The Extra Life TriFit Beginner Triathlon Program was uniquely designed to take you from an absolute newbie…

 ...to completing your first Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon!

 It’s a 12-week program where I’ll provide you with a training plan and structured workouts to develop the fitness you need to get to the starting line of a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon.

This program helps those who hunger for a fulfilling and sustainable triathlon lifestyle navigate the first steps, and develop a solid foundation of knowledge and fitness to be successful, without the burnout, complexity, and pain of traditional workout programs.

Thinking back to my first experiences in the sport, I really wish I had a program like this when I was first getting started. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress.

In the course, you will get weekly guidance on mindset, exercise, and nutrition to help you create a simple, accessible, and sustainable path to success in the triathlon.

 Still not exactly sure what I’m offering? No worries...

 Here’s a detailed breakdown of the 12 weeks, and what we’ll cover in them:


Prep Week:

This is where the fun starts.

  • You may not know a lot about the triathlon right away. Not a problem. It’s your first time, and a whole new world you’re entering. I’ll help you get familiar with the sport and the Extra Life TriFit program elements. This includes the power of mindset, the Level Up Framework, and things you’ll need to get started in this amazing sport. We’ll start from the bottom, and work our way up together.
  • In addition to that, we’ll get started with some simple, easy exercises so that you can start moving your body to get in the habit of exercising. You may have been out of the fitness world for a while. That’s okay. All you need to get started is to make a decision. I’ll help with the rest.


Weeks 1-3: The Foundation

This is where things really kick off...

  • Here, you’ll be introduced to the three core disciplines of a transformative triathlon lifestyle - an empowered mindset, a healthy relationship with nutrition, and easy aerobic exercise. These are the three keys to success, and we’ll dive into what each of them entail.
  • During these three weeks, you will learn how to manage your training effort using heart rate and breath so you can gain maximum energy without the burnout. Learning about load management early is critical. The triathlon is long, but the training is designed to prepare you so that you don’t run out of gas and produce maximum energy throughout.
  • You will learn the purpose behind different types of workouts, and how to “level up” from where you’re at now into a competent and confident triathlete. Knowing how to do a workout is important. When it comes to training, knowing why you’re doing it is just as important. We’ll make sure to cover that here.
  • Lastly, you will begin your triathlon journey with structured swim, bike, run, and strength workouts throughout the week. This is when the real fun begins.


Weeks 4-6: Building Endurance and Mastering Mindset

This is where we really start to build those habits...are you getting excited?!

  • As you continue to build fitness, learn the mechanics of swim, bike, run, and strength, and incorporate healthy nutrition habits, you’ll learn empowering mindset techniques that you can incorporate into your day that will help improve your performance, consistency, and confidence. Completing the triathlon requires mental training along with physical. To succeed, you need both. I’ll provide you with tips and tricks to get your mind ready for race day.
  • You will also learn about the anatomy of an effective training plan - from the cycle of a full triathlon season all the way down to the structure of a training week - and how that structure can maximize improvement and performance, and minimize the risk of burnout or injury.


Weeks 7-10: The Peak Phase

This is where we take it to the next level!

  • In these critical weeks of training, you will apply everything you have learned so far and shift your focus from building endurance to race preparation.
  • You will be introduced to race-specific training, brick workouts (where you do a run workout immediately following a bike ride), and race simulation days.
  • With the confidence you build during these key weeks, you will learn to adopt the mindset of a pro while embracing an attitude of humility and gratitude.


Weeks 11-12: The Taper and Preparing for Race Day

This is where we get you ready for race day!

  • As you enter the final weeks of the program, you will experience and learn about the value of tapering off of training so we can make sure you are at 100% on race day.
  • You will also implement a well-planned race week strategy so that you can arrive at race day confident and well prepared to have your best race. Whether it’s a big organized event, or a self-supported solo race, you’ll be ready to go.
  • And lastly, I will help you plan for your next adventure after this program. After all, there is no expiration date on your health and fitness. You will be able to take what you’ve learned from this program to your next adventure, whether it’s the next triathlon or another fitness goal!


The 12 weeks of training are designed to prepare you both physically and mentally to crush the triathlon.

This program has everything you need to prepare you for race day and to complete your very first triathlon.

Are you ready to level up your fitness, mindset, and nutrition? Enroll Now and find fulfillment in the triathlon lifestyle!

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